miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Deux & Rebeka Brown - Sun Rising Up (lyrics)

A recordar todos este temazo veraniego!

Life has been faded into grey
All over my place, all over my heart, all over my life
No sign is showing me a way out
or telling my soul
how to get out of this never ending hole of darkness,
surrounding my life
The absence of a tear has been the only moment off happiness
I've ever had
Could not believe in me.
You can see how better things I have to give
even to myself
I was waiting for nothing, for no one, for the end...

Before the pain had shown the reason why
you can run into rows of bright light and shining stars
Rising rows of silver horses,
you can sail through oceans of love
Slide through a cascade of rainbows
Built by sparkling maidens
You're the reason why all the space of life come into my place
You're the reason why sun's rising up even if it's dark at night
You're the reason why I think I'm falling in love

Sun rising up,
But it's up the night
I think I'm falling in love
i think I'm falling in love

Radio Edit (versión corta):

Extended (versión larga):

Para el remix de Pushtronic incluido en el disco Disco Dramah:
Writter: Toni Bass, David Penn
Producer : Pushtronic (Henry Sarmiento, BeatMaster G)
Recorded, Mixed & Produced at Sonic Vista Studios & Tracknotic Studios, Ibiza, Spain.

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