lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Magic Solutions ft. Rebeka Brown - Off Shore (lyrics)

Debido a que no hay las letras de ésta canción por internet, aquí la cuelgo!

I, feel in my mind,
I've got to let go,
I've got to unwind
I, need a good time
I, need to find love,
I've got to get high.
You've got the passion,
To fel inside,
A little love, a little life,
Now you decide
There ain't no reasons,
That we can't share,
A little love, a little life
Can take us there.
You've got the instincts,

And now you know
A little love, a little life
Will let it show
Just take ahold
Of what you feel
A little love, a little life
Will make it real
I, feel in my heart,
I want to let go,
And make a new start.
I, have to break free,
I've got to unwind
I've got to believe.

Writter: Chicane
Producer: Magic Solutions (Ruben Moran, Randy)

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