martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Rebeka Brown - My Favourite hit (lyrics)

Shake your body com on now all
the women in the house
Then you get into the vibe cause
it'll make you feel alright
In the middle of the hit and from
the lighting of the club
Cause tonite you are the star and
the princess of the dark
Cause you want it
You want it
I just wanna make you see
Cause she wants it
She wants it

I think I'm loosing control
And then I'm loosing my feet
Everytime the dj plays my favourite hit
Cause when the bit brings the bass
if feel like loosing my mind
cause everytime the dj plays my favourite hit
i think I'm going mad
so come on!!! come on!!
Bring the bass on!! Come on

I feel your voice I can't hear no other noise
one way no chance or other choice
you're beating my heart
my mind can fly
everytime the dj plays your song

Cause everytime the dj's plays my
favourite hit!

Writter: Rebeka Brown
Remix by: Tato Sánchez & Alex Gomez
Producer: Rebeka Brown & Giuseppe Tuccillo.

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