miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Juanjo Martin & Rebeka Brown - Millenium (lyrics)

Calling all the children of the earth, are you ready for rebirth?
Millenium is here, but there's no reason to fear.
The time has come, when all men must need as one.
So put down your weapons, put down your guns
only then are we truly free, you will see.

I hear a song up in the sky,
I wonder why, I wonder why
I have the feeling that I can fly...
This melody rings in my ear
Sweet songs I hear, sweet songs I hear
It's telling me to leave off there
and dry my tears, and starts to cheer.

In this millenium, I broke the sound barrier
In the next millenium, I'll break the speed of light
In the third millenium, I reach warp speed

Kiss the skycrapers, come down to earth
Be my prince? Heart goodbye.

Everybody sings, to the music that it brings, millenium
And our hearts are open wide, with this joy we cannot hide...

To the music that it brings, millenium
And our hearts are open wide... millenium
Millenium.... Millenium...
Canción original:

Remix Albert Neve:

Remix Robbie Rivera:

Remix Amo & Navas:

Intro 2010:

Writter: Kaycee
Producer: Juanjo Martin. One Records.

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